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The Ghilardi "Opus 1" - 1992 organ


The instrument of S. Maria Assunta church in Smarano was built by the Organ builder Glauco Ghilardi from Lucca (Tuscany) in 1992.The organ is inspired by the Flemish models of XVI century in its phonetic and technical features.
The organ maker says: "Even though it isn't a copy, the attempted operation is to synthesize, with stylistic rigor and personal creativity, elements and stimula derived from studies on an historical instrument and from playing experiences of literature from that period". When the both appealing and disappointing hypothesis of an "omnibus" organ (suitable for all types of literature) was discarded, the organ builder thought at an instrument "aiming to Flemish and Northern German Literature of XVI and XVII centuries", from the assumption that "a strongly characterized instrument doesn't prevent from playing literatures that are different from the ones for which it was conceived".


  • Two Manuals. 51 keys (Do1-Re5)
  • Pedal. 27 keys (Do1-Re3)
  • Pressure 65 mm H2O
  • Diapason 440
  • Kellner Temperament
  • All pipes are 95% lead alloy made, except for Regale tubas, which are 70% tin alloy made. 

Grand'organo (Manual I)

  • Principale 8 (P8)
  • Ottava 4 (O4)
  • Decimaseconda 2 2/3 bassi/soprani (D22/3)
  • Decimaquinta 2 (D2)
  • Terza 1 3/5 bassi/soprani (T11/35)
  • Decimanona 1 1/3 (D11/3)
  • Pieno a 3 file (PIII)
  • Flauto a cuspide 8 (F8)
  • Dulzian 8'

Positivo (Brust, manual II)

  • Vox Humana 8
  • Flauto a camino 4 (F4)
  • Flauto conico 2 (F2)
  • Quinta 1 1/3 (Q11/3)
  • Terza 3/5 (T3/5)


  • Subbasso 16 (S16)
  • Flauto a cupide 8 [from O.W.] (F8)
  • Corno 4 (C4)
  • Trombone 16 (T16)

Couplers: II/I [played from II]; I/Ped; II/Ped