The Academy


The "Accademia di Musica Italiana per organo in Pistoia" proposed this instrument for an intensive academic seminar about Northern German baroque music. The first seminar was held in April 1993 directed by the eminent professor and German organist Harald Vogel. The same seminar was repeated in one year later, still guided by Harald Vogel. Since August 1995 to 1999, the seminar became a much more extended Academy held by a Faculty appointed with the cooperation of Hans Davidsson and the Go-Art from of the Goteborg University. Since 1999 the Academy is led by Edoardo Bellotti, as artistic Director.

Starting july 2008 the Society is ready to host organ and baroque keyboard masterclasses in a brand new Structure where a wide variety of instruments and  spaces are provided all year around for  an extended activity, both as open and dedicated Masterclasses,  allowing students an intensive and coached individual  practising  as completion of  the collective  Academic work  received on site.