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An other essential feature is the theme of the border. In the northern margins, geographically included into the Valley, in the medieval villages of Laurein, Proves, Sanct Felix, Senale live a german-speaking community.  The local dialect has a clear latin origin .A lot of dialectal words and idioms have a German origin. The most famous Sanctuary in the Valley, dedicated to Saint Romedio, has an ancient history strictly connected to the Tyrol (Austrian nearby Region) traditions.
 Since the year 1000  belonged to the Prince Bishop of Trento, but was part of the Earl of Tyrol jurisdiction. The most important family of the local aristocracy was the Thun family. The Thuns are leading figure of the great nobility of Mitteleurope and they once owned possessions and castles located from Italy to Bohemia. Past chronicles return that they owned ten palaces in Prague and thirty-five castles in Boemia.