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Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra


Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra (http://www.emich.edu/music/html/ruiter-feenstra.html) is an advocate of improvisation and performance on historically-based instruments. Seasoned with that experience and partnered with ongoing investigation of early treatises and extant repertoire, she is writing a book based on recreating eighteenth-century improvisation techniques, entitled Bach and Improvisation: Learning the Language (Göteborg, Sweden: GOArt Publications, 2005) to be available through the Organ Historical Society

As Professor and University Organist at Eastern Michigan University, Ruiter-Feenstra teaches organ and harpsichord lessons and courses in improvisation, early keyboard literature, organ building and pedagogy, organ literature, and sacred music. She received the Doctoral and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Organ Performance and Pedagogy with secondary emphases in Music Theory and Sacred Music from the University of Iowa with Delbert Disselhorst and Delores Bruch. She pursued post-graduate studies in Germany with Harald Vogel and in Boston with William Porter. At Eastern, she initiated an annual Improvisation Symposium and directs an annual organ, harpsichord, and clavichord series of concerts and events. Her studio is known for its high standards and supportive atmosphere.

Ruiter-Feenstra performs, presents, and teaches at conferences and academies in the U.S. and Europe, including the GOArt International Organ Academy in Göteborg, Sweden; the International Organ, Clavichord, and Improvisation Conference in Smarano, Italy; American Guild of Organists national, regional, and chapter events; and The Westfield Center for Keyboard Studies symposia. She is preparing a transcription and edition of the 1699 Grimm Tablature (Vienna) for publication, and has authored articles and chapters appearing in GOArt Research Reports, Tracing the Organ Masters' Secrets, De Clavicordio, The American Organist, Clavichord International, The Organ as a Mirror of Its Time (Oxford, 2002), and several sacred music publications. Her double CD of the organ works of Franz Tunder is available from Loft Recordings at Gothic Records.