The "Associazione"
The beginnning
The Cultural Association "Monsignor Celestino Eccher" was founded in February 1993 in Smarano as the natural evolution of a Committee previously established to steer the activities connected to the promotion of a pipe organ for the church of the village of Smarano. It was immediately clear that the future organ, assuming proper financing, had to be an high quality instrument, specifically featured for the baroque organ literature. A pure coincidence led to meet an organ maker, Glauco Ghilardi from Lucca (Tuscany),  When funds were provided, both from the people of the village and from the local and regional Communites, the instrument was built and inaugurated in 1992, receiving immediately the interest of the experts which attended the inauguration.
The Academy


The "Accademia di Musica Italiana per organo in Pistoia" proposed this instrument for an intensive academic seminar about Northern German baroque music. The first seminar was held in April 1993 directed by the eminent professor and German organist Harald Vogel. The same seminar was repeated in one year later, still guided by Harald Vogel. Since August 1995 to 1999, the seminar became a much more extended Academy held by a Faculty appointed with the cooperation of Hans Davidsson and the Go-Art from of the Goteborg University. Since 1999 the Academy is led by Edoardo Bellotti, as artistic Director.

The future of the Association and Smarano Academy

The investments made in the years 2008 / 2009 in the structure of Smarano, located in the building of the former elementary schools provide a further opportunity to expand the activity, which now is mostly restricted to spring and summer period, over the whole year.

The wide availability of instruments and comfortable spaces even in winter allow to use the structure at its best both for specific activities related to courses of organ, harpsichord and clavichord, and also for other musical institutions (universities and conservatories) for specific learning activities directed to their students in the form of a Masterclass.

The Events

As corollary to this initiative, the Association organizes concerts of organ, both polyphonic or with the organ in combination with other instruments. The performers are of high-profile and come from the Region, or from the rest of Italy and abroad.


The cultural branch is appropriate to the characteristics of the organ of Smarano and it takes place in each season according to the specific themes of the summer Academy.
The Association cooperates with the School of Music of Cles, in the organization and management of the concerts of the J. Haydn Orchestra of Trento and Bolzano, which are held in the Valley during the year.


The Association digitally records all concerts. These recordings are available for listening, distributing and delivering. Four important Compact Discs have been published with an accurate digital recording system.


The staff

The Association members are all living in Smarano and the surrounding area: they are due to volunteer to support the life and Activity of the Society. The Regional Government is supporting substantially the activity having recognized the Association as one of the distinguished Cultural Entities of the Region. The executive council is made of volunteers which, according to their specific competence and availability, cooperates in various tasks . The Society is supported by a number of high level and musical experts, among these many are have been performing in Smarano. The Artistic Director of the Society is the musician and musicologist M° Edoardo Bellotti.

  • Chairman: Dr. Giacomo Corrà
  • Deputy Chairman: Mrs. Karin Holzheu-Eckardt
  • Artistic Director: M° Edoardo Bellotti
  • Secretary: Mrs. Ina Coser
Monsignor Celestino Eccher

Monsignor Celestino Eccher was born in Dermulo, Val di Non in June, 12th 1892

He is surely one of the most significant personalities of the Trentino Region, due to his musical artwork. He was all long life active from 1925 until his death, in September 24th 1970. He had his music education with honours at the "Vatican Institute for Sacred Music" in Rome and since then he was already known in Italy and foreign countries as composer and teacher. The academic musical world recognized to him an extraordinary talent. In the year 1927 he created the Regional School of sacred Music in Trento.