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Bernardo Clesio

The noble man  Bernardo Clesio, probably one of the most excellent person of the Valley, studied in Bologna where he was the leader of the "German Nation", the group of German mother tongue students. He was the Prince Bishop of Trento, an then he became Cardinal and represented the Imperial Party in the Papal Court in Rome. He was the president of the Secret Council and Supreme Chancellor of Fernand the First Emperor of Austria, Apostolic Administrator of the Bressanone Diocese and Governor of Verona. He was the main promoter in the organization of the Council of Trento, because he understood how Trento could be an ideal link place between the Emperor and the Pope, between Italy and Germany.
These elements can be useful to understand how Non Valley people, so tied to their own land, are understanding and respecting "other" people.
A number of Non Valley missionaries and travelers are famous in the world: Father Marino Martini (1614-1655) explored China and Eusebio Kino (1645-1711) the Spanish California.